‘Last Night At The Met’ is a tiny bit of brilliance

10-gallon opera style.
10-gallon opera style.

Your audience are your patrons, your benefactors, your raison d’être. Now they’re your stars, too.

“Last Night at the Met” is a new project that puts Met Opera attendees in the spotlight. The Met started the project in conjunction with its ad agency, Serino/Coyne, in a small stroke of genius.

Photog Rose Callahan roams the lobby in transitional moments, searching for unusual or unusually-inspired outfits. The results are fantastic.

What this gets at is all the peripheral action surrounding the performance itself: the opera fanbase is large, and it contains multitudes. Street style blogs are nothing new (this ain’t the street anyway) but pre-performance style blogs are. Rose Callahan captures moments that might otherwise go undocumented.


Here’s a WSJ wrap-up with a few quotes from Callahan, but go explore Last Night at the Met yourself.


By Will Roseliep

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