Classical Dark Arts on ‘Word of Mouth’

Last week I joined Virginia Prescott on the New Hampshire Public Radio show Word of Mouth. It wasn’t confrontational or headline-grabbing like Frost-Nixon. We didn’t go pillar-to-post like a classic, hour-long Flair-versus-Steamboat matchup. But we did cover good ground on what orchestras, classical musicians and casual fans can do to re-energize the music.

The whole thing is 13 minutes. Feel free to hit the above link and stir it up in the comments.


The Crisp Moneymaker Effect (TM)

Every year here in beautiful Boston, Mass., the Berklee College of Music releases a guide to music industry careers. It’s about as complete a survey as I’ve seen. Here’s a more or less representative list of positions and corresponding yearly hauls in 2012.

Music librarian: Starting salary $40k
Video game sound designer: $40k – $120k
Music journalist: $15k – $30k
Record producer: $25k (good luck) – $1M (P. Diddy)
Concert promoter: $0 to $1M (most are on the low end, no?)
Piano tuner: $100 – $185 per piano tuned
Commercial jingle composer: $100 – $8k+ per jingle
Church choir director: $5k – $70k
Orchestral musician: $28k – $143k


The Super 8: A cheat sheet


These are the eight pieces featured on the latest CDA podcast, The Super 8.

1. Frédéric Chopin, Nocturne in E-flat major

2. Richard Strauss, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

3. J.S. Bach, Double Violin Concerto

4. Dmitri Shostakovich, Symphony No. 5

5. Ludwig van Beethoven, Choral Fantasy in C minor

6. Ralph Vaughan Williams, Fantasia on a Theme of Thomas Tallis

7. Johan Halvorsen, Passacaglia

8. Johannes Brahms, A German Requiem


The Super 8 trailer