Longform interview with Michael Avitabile, artistic director of Hub New Music

Hub New Music, from left: Mike Avitabile, flute; David Dziardziel, clarinet; Orin Alan Laursen, violin; Allison Drenkow, cello. This and all other pictures by Nile Scott Shots, courtesy HNM.

I first met Michael Avitabile at a house show hosted by his group, Hub New Music. It was a Friday night in Jamaica Plain and I was looking for a musical fix. You never know what you’ll find at these Groupmuse-type things, but Michael and his group played an ambitious program, including music by red-hot composer Mason Bates (The Life of Birds) alongside Bach’s The Art of Fugue.

Hub New Music are a collective specializing in exacting new-music performances and collaborations with living composers. As the orchestra job market tightens and audience numbers dwindle, groups like Hub New Music offer an enticing way forward. In short, Hub New Music is a group you should pay attention to.

You can read much more about Hub New Music here.

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Go from CDA novice to pro in four easy steps

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A healthy diet of classical links

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Elvera Voth’s unshakable faith in art


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