Philip Glass on paying artists real cash money

Philip Glass has a straightforward response to the culture of free: it’s not working.

We swim in a sea of music. We have more art, books, shows, movies and ideas at our fingertips than the poor sap working the Library of Alexandria circulation desk could ever handle. If you’re bored these days it’s due to lack of effort, not availability.

There is a downside to all that free shit. Over at The Creative Independent, composer Philip Glass insists we’re wrong to assume artists should surrender their wares, gratis, for the common good. Continue reading “Philip Glass on paying artists real cash money”

Performance VR is a VeRy good practice idea


We all want to be the musician who’s cooler than a pack of menthols in all performance scenarios. Exposed orchestral solo? Easy. Recital? They play one every week, more if possible. Big concerto with a major orchestra? Why not. No matter what the details, everything comes out Newport smooth.

But public performance makes the rest of us mere mortals a little anxious. Continue reading “Performance VR is a VeRy good practice idea”