CDA Fall ’14 Oboe Player’s Lookbook


Everyone knows the oboe plays that very first tuning note at orchestra shows. But oboists aren’t just glorified tuning forks. They get big lines in famous symphonies. They’re the secret weapon of chamber music.

And — most important of all — they set the fashion standard for the orchestra.

A well-guarded fact is that oboists shoot to thrill and dress to kill, and the rest of the orchestra spends its time trying to figure out those bold sartorial moves.

Here for the first time we’re blowing the lid off oboe fashion. I present to you the Classical Dark Arts Fall ’14 Oboe Player’s Lookbook. The concepts you see here will be the standard by which tomorrow’s streetwear is judged.

Will Roseliep


Don’t be mad, Classical Dark Arts, but I’m cheating on you


I wrote a piece over on the uber-trendy Medium platform, and it didn’t mean anything! It won’t happen ever again! I just wanted to feel alive.

Anyway, have a read and let me know what you think. Medium gives writers flexibility with images — i.e., the “snowfall effect,” bigger images, etc. — so this was a little trial run.

Don’t worry, I still care about what we have.  I just … need a little variety once in a while.