Haydn Gets Anthologized and Mythologized

Think about how you get to know a composer’s music. It might be by playing it yourself. You may hear it on the radio, or on a mixtape a friend made you. Maybe you downloaded gigs of albums off a torrent. (Ahem.)

HAYDN107 offers another way. Dr. Walter Reichert organized a site housing all of Haydn’s symphonies (107ish), and not only can you read about each one, but you can listen to them. In fact, Reichert and his minions arranged for three separate recordings from Antal Doráti, Christopher Hogwood or Adam Fischer, if you have a feeling about such things. Continue reading “Haydn Gets Anthologized and Mythologized”

Should I be watching ‘Mozart in the Jungle?’


A while back a CDA reader recommended I read Blair Tindall’s book Mozart in the Jungle for a look at the seedier side of classical music. I never got around to it, unfortunately. The book was turned into an Amazon TV series, nabbed Bernadette Peters & Gael García Bernal to star, and turned into a hit for Amazon TV.

But wait — the show’s won a couple Golden Globes, and classical stars like Lang Lang & Gustavo Dudamel have made MitJ cameos? Okay, I’m paying attention. Should I be watching this? Continue reading “Should I be watching ‘Mozart in the Jungle?’”

Support the cause — ‘Living the Classical Life’


Pianist Zsolt Bognár’s Living the Classical Life is a web series featuring creative minds from the world of classical music. Zsolt has sat down with the likes of Joshua Bell, Matthew Aucoin and Isabel Leonard for one-on-one conversations about music, practice habits, upcoming projects, influential teachers, and more. The episodes are wide-ranging. The show is a gem. Continue reading “Support the cause — ‘Living the Classical Life’”