Go from CDA novice to pro in four easy steps

Most people read Classical Dark Arts by subscribing to our twice-monthly newsletter. It’s messy, impassioned, and occasionally entertaining. It emanates from CDA headquarters (currently in Berlin) where dysfunction reigns supreme, where a beleaguered staff still manages, somehow, to drop CDA mailers in your inbox that land like a ton of bricks.

While you wait on the next mailer, here are a few posts to catch you up. These are a sort of “greatest hits” or as close as this site will get. After reading and listening to these items, you’ll be a certified CDA professional.

  1. Norman Lebrecht: A Classical Dark Arts Q&A. Our most popular post, and for good reason.
  2. CDA Fall ’14 Oboe Player’s Lookbook. We were on top of oboe fashion trends before anyone else. Don’t believe it? See for yourself.
  3. Our dearly beloved, stubbornly monochrome orchestras. One of the most important posts we’ve done so far. More on this to come.
  4. Deep Cover: Notes from the Cuban Classical Underground. You’re almost guaranteed to hear something new here. Go take a tour.

Happy hunting, and rest up: the next CDA mailer is out soon.


By Will Roseliep

Writer for different outlets. Personal work appears here first:

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