“My first wife …

“My first wife is American, and my second wife is Italian—but her father is from Sri Lanka, which makes it more of a mixed salad.” His wife, Evelyn, who comes from Italy’s Alto Adige region, speaks German to their two young sons, who will easily pick up Italian, he says, because they know French. “And that’s not the end of my cosmopolitan story,” Mr. Maisky adds. “I play an Italian cello with French and German bows. I use Austrian strings. I drive a Japanese car. I have an Israeli passport. I wear a Swiss watch and an Indian necklace, and my four children were born in four different countries.”

–Cellist Mischa Maisky, in WSJ.

By dubuquecello

I'm a Dubuque, Iowa native. Interested in cello, tennis, donuts and other things. I'm a classical music optimist.

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