The future seems to be legs and hair: a classic Ricardo Muti press conference

Hi. How are you.
Hi. How are you.

Riccardo Muti recently inked a deal to remain music director of the Chicago Symphony until 2020. Apparently, the occasion brought out Muti’s quotatiousness (to swipe a term coined by Shaq). Here are a few gems from his Monday presser.

Talking about classical marketing schemes:

Today all you see are violinist’s legs and a conductor with hair like a forest. The future seems to be legs and hair.

On Beethoven’s 9th Symphony:

I didn’t conduct this music until I was 46, in Philadelphia. The third movement is maybe written by God. I felt too humble to conduct this metaphysical and spiritual music. I was so nervous, I was shaking. The concertmaster said to me, ‘Coraggio!’

On his home country:

Italy is a country based on culture. If you take away the culture, what do you have? Berlusconi.

On the youthful exuberance required to conduct the mighty CSO:

I will not be 80 yet. My great grandfather remarried at 76.

Read the whole thing over at Chicago Classical Review.


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