Vulfpeck out-John-Cages John Cage

Composer John Cage flipped the concert-going experience on its head with his DGAF piece 4’33” — which baffled audiences and propelled Cage to fame and infamy in under five minutes.



Los Angeles outfit Vulfpeck crafted a magnum opus entitled “Sleepify,” an album composed entirely of …. silence, in the finest John Cageian tradition. Here’s a promo for it:

Each track of Vulfpeck’s “Sleepify” runs about 30 seconds. The goal here — besides putting you to sleep faster than double-stacking Ambien — is to get as many fans as possible to stream the album on Spotify. Vulfpeck will then fund a tour with the (relatively meager) royalties from all those Spotify streams.

Feeling adventurous, curious or sleepy? Want to help Vulfpeck play a show in your neck of the woods? Go here or here, and to hear what they sound like in their not-so-conceptual incarnation, click here.


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