Grab a scotch, step into the listening room
  • In honor of the Word Cup here’s Enrico Chapela’s piece, Íngesu, a join commemorating a 1999 soccer match between Mexico & Brasil.
  • James MacMillan’s Hodie puer nascitur motet is a trippy, gorgeous little meditation.
  • Try as I may I can’t get this Disclosure remix of Pharrell & Jay Z out of my head. (Obviously not classical.)
  • Here’s my nominee for best string sample in a song opener this week.
  • Described on r/classicalmusic as “absolutely jaw-dropping,” I present you Ravel’s Introductions & Allegro for Harp, String Quartet, Clarinet & Flute. Ravel doing Ravellian things throughout. This is a new one on me.
  • I came across a piano player working those arpeggios in NYC’s Washington Square a couple weeks ago.
  • Listen as Kestrel Wright goes Flexall 454 (no Joe Namath) on some Paganini for horn.
  • Lily Press put her entire master’s recital up on Bandcamp for your listening pleasure, and I assure you it is a pleasure. That Scarlatti!

By Will Roseliep

Writer for different outlets. Personal work appears here first:

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