CDA episode #1: The Devil and Classical Music



What is it about the idea of devilry that summons fear in our hearts, and thrills us at the same time? Why do we shake at the thought of eternal damnation, but still secretly hanker for a taste of evil? Most importantly, do we make a pact with the Dark Lord when we put on certain classical records?

On the very first radio episode of CLASSICAL DARK ARTS, we look at Satan’s cabal of classical composers, players and theorists — a sleeper cell run by Liszt, Paganini, Saint-Saëns & Tartini — lurking under the placid surface of an ancient music.

By definition whatever you don’t understand is a threat. This goes for new art, political movements, unfamiliar faces and ideas of all types. If you’re not familiar you feel threatened. Get familiar. This is the music of the devil.


By dubuquecello

I'm a Dubuque, Iowa native. Interested in cello, tennis, donuts and other things. I'm a classical music optimist.

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