Composer spotlight: Trevor Kowalski

Sometimes the web gods gaze upon us with favor. While trawling through r/classicalmusic I saw a link to this seductive little piece by a composer named Trevor Kowalski, sung by Katherine Merwin. It’s pleasant, and you’ll wish it was longer.

From there it gets even better: “One Bright Dot” is a video featuring music by Kowalski, performed by the JACK Quartet, with mesmerizing animation by Clément-Morin. Kowalski devised “The Black Hills” as a way to draw attention to a land dispute between the US government and Native Americans. “Storm” is a slice of a larger work (The Waters) with snowy harbor shots. “Sawteeth” feels like a soundtrack for a film not yet completed. If all that works for you I’d recommend finishing with Kowalski’s “Leaving You” performed by the BU Chamber Orchestra.

We’re not talking about major symphonic works here, just potent seeds that may germinate into larger, future works. Trevor Kowalski: don’t go sneaking away on us. We’re paying attention.


By Will Roseliep

Writer for different outlets. Personal work appears here first:

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