The degenerate gambler’s guide to the 2018 classical GRAMMY Awards

Remedios Varo Uranga. (Wikipedia)

Seasoned gamblers know that this marvelous thing we call the internet allows one to wager money on almost any event in the world for which the outcome is not guaranteed. You can bet on the next Pope, the winner of The Voice, the length of the National Anthem at the Super Bowl, and many more things.

You can also gamble on the GRAMMYs.

The classical nominees are — as always — mildly interesting, and not representative of all the cool developments within the profession. Still, now that the nominees have been announced I thought it might be fun for CDA readers to pick their favorites, and then compare those results to the actual winners.

Click on this link to vote on the eight major classical categories. I’ll publish the results in January’s mailer. (Are you subscribed to the mailer? If not, rectify that immediately.) Should be interesting to see how the wisdom of the crowd rates against actual results. And if it aids in a casual wager you might make, so be it.


By Will Roseliep

Writer for different outlets. Personal work appears here first:

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