For Boston music-heads and enthusiasts

10308073_495610497206783_3116724358838433600_nWhat are you up to tonight? Do you live in Cambridge or the greater Boston area? Most importantly, do you like music?

Members of my orchestra, Cambridge Philharmonic, are playing at the Middlesex Lounge as part of the electronic Together Festival. The performance is a showcase for String & Fader records.

If you have an interest — nay, a keen interest — in music by living composers, some of whom will stand next to you drinking Pisco Sours during the performance, then this is for you.

Doors are at 7 PM, and music starts shortly after.

I’ll see you there.


By dubuquecello

I'm a Dubuque, Iowa native. Interested in cello, tennis, donuts and other things. I'm a classical music optimist.

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