Get to know Alondra de la Parra

Alondra de la Parra is the next conductor + music director of Australia’s Queensland Symphony Orchestra. This isn’t just a routine hire, although in the classical world any leadership change is noteworthy. Ms. de la Parra is one of only a dozen or so (!!) leaders of major orchestras (however you define them) who happens to be female. Since orchestral leadership tends to be a club of good ole boys it’s our duty to highlight success to the contrary.

Ms. de la Parra was born in NYC, and raised in Mexico City. She returned to New York to attend Manhattan School of Music. At 23 she founded the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas to highlight music from South & Central America. Since that time Ms. de la Parra has conducted all over the globe, from Russia and China to Brazil, Germany and Japan.Here’s what she told NBC News about her appointment: “It’s something very exciting because I have been preparing and working all my life, to be director of a fine institution. […] It’s definitely a dream come true.”

Ms. de la Parra picked Mahler’s 2nd Symphony, Resurrection, for her debut with the QSO. I couldn’t find video of her conducting Mahler, but I think you’ll like this just as well. It’s a performance of “Leyenda de Miliano” by Arturo Márquez, with Alondra de la Parra conducting the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Americas. 10/10 dopeness.

(Photo credit: Feast of Music)


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