Ten great classical music follows on Instagram


Sometimes your Instagram feed can seem like an endless parade of food photos, braggadocious vacation updates, and tired memes. You need a change, a healthy classical music infusion.

Below you’ll find ten great classical music Instagram accounts. Choose your favorites, click the links to judge suitability, and follow if you’re feeling them.

1.  Alondra de la Parra is the conductor-designate of Australia’s Queensland Symphony Orchestra. Not only is Ms. de la Parra one of classical music’s most valuable commodities, she’s also one of its best Instagram presences. (Read about her appointment here.)

2. From a pure content perspective, @instaclassical is one of the finest IG feeds, if not the youngest. Although it hasn’t been around long, instaclassical strikes a good balance between historical shots, teaser music clips, and more.

3. It’s comforting to know composers live life much the same way as we mere mortals. They eat meals. They have WiFi connectivity issues. They do funny things. That’s why I like Nico Muhly’s Instagram.

4. Opera Philadelphia has assembled a standout IG page by scrupulously documenting productions, press junkets, packed houses and silly rehearsal moments.

5. Lang Lang is a performer who’s achieved a superstar status that goes beyond classical music. He lives a jetset lifestyle, and as such, you can expect each new snap to feature Double-L in a different port. No passport required.

6. There are approximately one million classical music accounts reposting classical jokes and gags. Most are marginally funny, some are better. One of the best is classical_music_humor.

7. Folks, Gustavo Dudamel is in the club, and he’s ordering sparklers. He’s flossing on that conspicuous consumption. And he’s mobbing on Instagram.

8. The Royal Opera House is a two-fer feed featuring shots of the Royal Opera House Covent Garden as well as London’s Royal Ballet. There’s a lot to love here.

9. Sarah Willis plays horn for the Berlin Philharmonic. Her IG gets special commendation for featuring her instrument in such a high percentage of the shots. Well done.

10. Yuja Wang rounds out our classical high-flyer theme. Sometimes you order in and practice Bach all night. Sometimes you eat dinner with Roger Federer.


By Will Roseliep

Writer for different outlets. Personal work appears here first:

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